The self-built marketing team of Pharscin Pharmahas covered 31provinces and autonomous regions in China, striving to provide patients with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service.Pharscin Pharma has a stable sales management team of nearly 500 people, with 10% of them entering the company for more than 10 years and 20% of 5-10 years. Thanks to the intensive efforts in the market for years and the fine management of the nationwide sales channels, the company now can achieve stable sales growth of existing products and rapid introduction of new products.

Pharscin Pharma follows to the path of academic marketing and professional promotion. It actively organizes and participates in numerous professional academic activities, and builds a superior brand with professional academic promotion.For years, the sales performance of Pharscin Pharma has beaten the average growth of its competitors, becoming a model for teams seeking excellence in the national pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to the evidence-based medicine marketing, Pharscin Pharma has established its professional brand image in the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. PharscinPharma has kept a close eye on the frontiers of international academics and has actively participated in various academic activities. It has successfully established high-end professional academic platforms such as digestion, CNS(Central nervous System), ENT, providing academic evidence and theoretical support to promote the rational use of medicines by clinicians.

Pharscin Pharma implements an unique win-win model with public hospitals at different levels as its core to lead the development of multiple terminals such as retail chains, primary public hospitals, private hospitals and e-commerce network. With these five sales channels, the company is well-positioned to achieve the full coverage of the company's sales network.